Wet morning commute predicted as nor’easter hits NYC

The five boroughs could see up to 7 inches of snow by the end of the nor’easter.

The Big Apple will wake up to a sloppy commute.

Snow was scarce in the city overnight Wednesday but a wintry mix of rain and light snow is still expected to kick off the looming nor’easter come morning. Forecasters expect the storm to dump anywhere from 4 to 7 inches throughout the five boroughs.

Heavy, wet snow — swept up by gusts of 30 to 35 mph — will begin falling by the afternoon as temperatures hover around freezing.

“When the morning commute gets underway, that’s when we’ll see a change,” National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Pollina said.

Forecasters warn the sodden snowfall could cause power outages due to falling tree branches and power lines.

The brunt of the storm is predicted to bring at least a foot of snow, or up to 18 inches, to northern Westchester County, northeast New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

A chance of the elusive thundersnow phenomena is possible as the storm reaches its peak in Brooklyn, southern Queens and Staten Island.

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